How Do I Purchase A Product?

Click the add to cart button under the products you want to purchase and click view cart which appears. Check your account order details and check your delivery address or lactation and click proceed to checkout. Fill in the required details on that page and click on Place order to enter your mobile money number selecting your network to purchase your products

I Haven’t Received My Receipt Or Login Details?

Don’t worry wait for less than 30 mins to receive your receipt or login detail. If you still haven’t receive a receipt your total  money will be refunded back to in less than an hour

I Can’t Log In To My Account!

Make sure you check your account details and password well before logging into your account. If you are still having issues or you’ve lost password send us email at [email protected]

I Can’t Find My Products, Help?

All products you have added to cart will appear at the cart page located at the top of your homepage

Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

For more conveniences we only accept mobile money due to limited online payments in Ghana. Feel free to send us other payment ideas and we will kindly consider.

How Do I Disable Auto-Renewals?

As of now we don’t accept credit card issues we only accept mobile money Payments. So there is no need to worry about auto renewals.

Can I Pay With any Mobile Payment Method?

Yes, you can pay with any mobile money payment you want be it Mtn Airtel Tigo or Vodafone

How Do I Buy A Product With My Existing Account?

Select the products you are interested in and add them to cart. Click on login to your existing accounts to login to proceed to checkout.

Is It Possible To Upgrade My Purchases?

Send an email notice to [email protected] if you want us to make any changes to your purchase.

Where Do I Download My Purchase(s)?

Your download purchase will be sent to your email address you provide and under download tab on your Account page

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Send email notice to [email protected] to cancel your Account will no difficulty or whatsoever